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Katie's Foundation for Child Safety: TV Safety Guide

Always Secure Your Flat Panel TV To A Stud In The Wall.
If you place a flat panel TV on a stand, tether it and the stand to a stud in the wall behind the TV, especially if the stand is low to the ground.

Never Leave Objects on Top Of an Unsecured TV
Toddlers and young children in general are curious and they love to explore. Placing objects on top of an unsecured TV or any piece of unsecured furniture will entice a young child to take a risk that could end up with tragic consequences.

Always Try and Mount Your Flat Panel TV on a WALL
The safest place for your flat panel TV is on a wall. If the TV is properly mounted then it will be secured to the wall and cannot tip over.

If You Cannot Mount Your Flat Panel to a Wall then Tether it to a Stud in the Wall
If for some reason you cannot mount your flat panel TV on a wall, tether it to a stud in the wall. The best hardware for this job is an all steel system using aircraft cable that will bolt to the TV’s VESA mount and can be anchored to a stud in the wall. Fabric and nylon straps may stretch and fray under stress. Especially do NOT use straps that attach to the stand, especially if they only attach with glue.

TV Safety Physics.
A Flat Panel TV will weigh anywhere from 45 – 90 pounds. Unfortunately that weight is magnified dramatically when the object is falling. The impact of the TV hitting a small child is not just 45 pounds+ but many, many more. Factor in the effect of sharp edges and broken glass and you have a completely avoidable tragedy.

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